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Liability for Marine Pollution

Liability For Marine Pollution  1. 1992 Civil Liability Convention The 1992 CLC and the 1992 Fund Convention apply to oil pollution damage caused in the territory, including the territorial sea, of a contracting state, and to damage caused within 200 miles from the coast. It also covers the costs of preventive measures ‘wherever taken’, i.e....


Towage Contracts

Towage contracts 1. The contract and basic terms Various standard forms of towage contracts are available. However, the arrangements under these forms are not restrictive and parties can agree on any terms they wish subject to restrictions imposed by statute, for example, by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. However, towage is excluded from this...


The Concept of Salvage

The concept of salvage 1. 1989 Salvage Convention The 1989 Salvage Convention has the force of law under s.224 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (MSA 1995). It is the starting reference point for the current English law of salvage. Consequently, earlier pre- existing salvage case-law needs to be assessed under the 1989 Salvage Convention....