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Voyage charter parties 1. Shipowner’s Obligations As To The Ship To Be Provided Under The Charter Party A voyage charterparty will contain a number of statements about the characteristics of the ship. In most cases, these statements are considered to be terms of the charter party, not mere representations. When such a term is breached, the...


Owner’s Implied Obligations III

Owner’s Implied Obligations III – The Duty Not To Deviate From The Agreed Voyage 1. Establishing the contractual route At common law, there is an implied obligation to proceed by the usual and reasonable route, which is prima facie the direct geographical route (The Nour). As part of the general obligation to proceed with reasonable...


Owner’s implied obligations I

Owner’s implied obligations I – general principles> Liability Of Sea Carriers At Common Law Liability of common carriers In the case of Forward v Pittard, it was noted that the fire started accidentally, away from the goods in the carrier’s care and that the carrier was not negligent. However, being a common carrier, he was liable...