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Employment And Indemnity

Employment And Indemnity  Orders as regards employment Employment refers to the employment of the ship (i.e. what voyages she is to undertake and what cargoes to carry). Time charterers are under the same obligations to nominate safe ports and to load non-dangerous cargo as voyage charterers. The charterer’s right to give orders and directions under...


Hire, Remedies for Non-Payment, ‘Off-Hire’ Clauses, Deductions from Hire and Liens on Freight and Sub-Freight  

Hire, Remedies For Non-Payment, ‘Off-Hire’ Clauses, Deductions From Hire And Liens On Freight And Sub-Freight 1. Mode And Time Of Payment Hire is invariably made payable in advance: every calendar month (SHELLTIME 4, clause 9) every 30 days (BALTIME 1939 (as revised 2001), Box 20 and clause 6) every 15 days (NYPE 93 and NYPE...


Nature of Time Charters, Description of Ship, Delivery Date and Cancelling Clauses

Nature of time charters, description of ship, delivery date and cancelling clauses 1. Nature of time charters In the classic phraseology, ‘the Owners agree to let and the Charterers agree to hire the vessel from the time of delivery for a period of’ (see NYPE 93 and NYPE 2015, clause 1). Except in a demise...